English Teacher Jobs

Estel M. September 17, 2012 2
English Teacher Jobs

One of the natural career options for English majors is a career in teaching. A degree in English being one of the most versatile around, an English major can find teaching job opportunities at home, online, and abroad.

Before I even graduated as a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English, I have already been exposed and immersed in different class settings where my degree could be applicable: Alternative Education for out-of-school youths, Special Program for the Arts/Sports curriculums, and even Special Education.

A mere four years after graduation and passing the licensure exam, I had already engaged in quite an interesting range of teaching positions: home tutorials for ESL (English as a Second Language)students, elementary and middle school teacher in an international curriculum, ESL teacher, Adult ESL teacher, and early education tutor with emphasis on speech therapy.

Needless to say, my degree in English is the basic ingredient in these widely different teaching positions I had engaged in past years. Yet with a little more training and certification, even more teaching jobs and opportunities could be opened and made available for me and other English majors. In this article teaching careers for English majors in formal education will be discussed.

Teaching Opportunities for English Majors in Formal Education

As an academic subject on one of the most important aspect of every people”s culture, language will always be a primary course in formal education curriculums. In the case of the English language, its being a global language guarantees it a spot as a foreign or secondary language subject in many countries” formal education curricula.

An English major can teach English as a language subject from early education to primary and secondary education. If one”s target is to teach in college, additional units and/or a Master”s degree are basic requirements for most, but not all, tertiary education institutions.

I had been blessed to be a top student in my class and soon after graduation was Temat ar olika for varje enskild spelautomat, sjalvklart med undantag for de online spelautomater som ar uppfoljare. offered a teaching position in my college department. This was after I got my teaching license and before I even enrolled for MA units. The arrangement was that I could start teaching English while I took my MA units. Sometimes colleges and other tertiary education institutions offer flexibility in their arrangements in order to secure potential personnel and faculty, and this can be a great opportunity for newly graduated English majors.

Teaching careers for English majors need not focus solely on language courses, however. Courses like Creative Writing and other writing subjects usually only need extra training and certification in addition to a basic English degree. These may differ between areas and countries, and may depend on what curriculum the college or university is using. Literature courses like World Literature, Mythology, and others also offer opportunities to English majors with a heart for the challenges and rewards of teaching in formal education.

In the next article, more teaching career opportunities for English majors like alternative education and ESL/EFL (English as a Second/Foreign Language) will be discussed.


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